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Today, Fugue added out-of-the-box support for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) to give enterprises full PCI compliance visibility and reporting across their entire cloud footprint. PCI joins HIPAA, NIST 800-53, GDPR, and AWS CIS Benchmark as part of Fugue’s turnkey solution for ensuring cloud infrastructure environments adhere to compliance standards.

The Cloud Poses New Challenges for Compliance


While the cloud enables enterprises to innovate faster and more efficiently than they could in the datacenter, the scale and highly dynamic nature of cloud environments presents significant challenges for compliance teams. Manual audits are time-consuming, inefficient, and out-of-date before they’re completed. And because developers are moving fast and making their own infrastructure decisions, the risk of compliance violations in the cloud becomes a serious issue.

Fugue is Designed for Cloud Infrastructure Compliance


Fugue addresses this challenge with a SaaS solution purpose-built for providing autonomous compliance monitoring and reporting for today’s at-scale cloud environments where change is the only constant.


Screnshot for Compliance Post PCI



With Fugue, enterprise compliance teams can:


1. Scan cloud environments and identify compliance violations.

Within minutes, Fugue provides you a comprehensive report that lists all compliance violations in your cloud infrastructure—and helpful information on how to remediate issues. Use this information to help developers fix issues, or include it in your ticketing system.   


2. Establish a compliant cloud infrastructure baseline and detect drift.

Once your cloud environment adheres to your compliance policies, you can establish a baseline with the click of a button. Fugue continuously monitors the state of your environment and let’s you know if any resource configurations have drifted from the baseline. To protect critical resources from a data breach, use Fugue’s self-healing infrastructure to remediate drift back to your baseline without human intervention.


3. Get continuous cloud compliance visibility and reporting.

Fugue is continuously monitoring the state of your cloud infrastructure and can provide you with ongoing compliance reports that span your entire cloud footprint. Fugue’s time-series compliance reports enable you to understand your cloud compliance posture over time.




“Fugue makes it possible for us to demonstrate to our PCI auditors that no configuration drift has happened in our environments. Fugue gives us the peace of mind that comes from knowing our cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant at all times.”


- Justin Rupp, Senior Systems Engineer at GlobalGiving.



Getting Started with Fugue


It’s easy to get up and running with Fugue. To get your free compliance scan for your cloud environment or to arrange a free trial of Fugue, contact our team at


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