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    Checking Terraform IaC security in CI/CD with Regula and Bitbucket Pipelines [Tutorial]

    Aidan O’Connor

    Regula 2.3.0 enables cloud teams to evaluate Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, and Kubernetes infrastructure as code (IaC) for security and compliance violations prior to deployment. Integrating Regula into continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines takes this a step further by automating the secure deployment of cloud infrastructure.

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    Infrastructure as Code has Shifted Cloud Security Left

    Drew Wright

    Cloud security has long been focused squarely on the cloud runtime environment to keep infrastructure free of misconfiguration vulnerabilities that can open the door to hackers and lead to data leaks and breaches. It is reasonable considering most (if not all) cloud-based security incidents result from customer mistakes in the form of cloud resource misconfiguration. Gartner calls this Cloud Security Posture Management, or CSPM.

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    Checking AWS CloudFormation IaC Security with Regula [Tutorial]

    Becki Lee

    Regula, our open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) policy engine, now supports AWS CloudFormation. This means you can use Regula to perform static analysis of CloudFormation YAML or JSON templates for security vulnerabilities and compliance violations – including templates that use the Serverless Application Model. For instance, if a template declares an EBS volume that does not have encryption enabled, Regula’s report will show which template – and which specific resource – failed the check.

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    Performance in OPA Rego: Bottom-up and top-down

    Jasper Van der Jeugt

    In this blog post, we’ll talk a bit about how Rego evaluation works, and how it affects performance. Rego is a DSL for authoring policy. It is not restricted to a single kind of policy (e.g., RBAC) but instead is very general-purpose, making it possible to share policies across different services and stacks. We’ve found Rego to be ideal for cloud infrastructure security in Fugue, and infrastructure as code security in our open source project, Regula.

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    Creating an Automated Cloud Infrastructure Testing Tool with Terraform and PyTest

    Drew Wright

    Recently, I was tasked with creating an automated testing tool for Fugue. Fugue monitors cloud resources for compliance and security, and we needed a way to verify that the full results of a Fugue scan were correct. My goal was to create an automated system that runs locally or in CI, deploys configurable infrastructure, scans it using Fugue, and verifies the results. This blog post walks through the design and implementation process for what became autotest, our internal automated testing tool.

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