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“The cloud has radically changed the IT security landscape. The vulnerability surface is different. Attackers operate differently. And how you go about keeping your data safe needs to be different.”


This begins The Engineer’s Handbook on Cloud Security, which we’ve just released for free in PDF form. Download it here

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Our objective with this handbook is to help engineers think more critically about how to keep their cloud infrastructure environments and cloud-based data secure from misconfiguration exploits — the number one cloud risk. Not only is this a problem tailor-made for engineers to tackle, it’s one only engineers can tackle. 


When cloud security is done well, you can keep data safe from misconfiguration risk and prove compliance at any time, all of the time. And you’ll eliminate the big mess of headaches and tedious, repetitive tasks that we often think of when it comes to security and compliance. 


The Engineer’s Handbook on Cloud Security digs into the following:


  • Why engineers own the security of their cloud infrastructure 
  • Why cloud security is different than data center security
  • How hackers changed strategy in the cloud
  • The nature of cloud misconfiguration and why it’s so pervasive and dangerous
  • Compliance in the cloud, and what common compliance standards miss
  • Effectively managing cloud misconfiguration
  • How to Shift Left on cloud security and compliance
  • Measuring your effectiveness and climbing the cloud security mountain


Regardless of which cloud providers you're using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform this handbook will help you think about Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) in new ways so you can move fast and more securely. 


Download your free copy  today. 

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