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    Announcing Regula: Validate Terraform Policy Compliance with Open Policy Agent

    Drew Wright

    Today we announced Regula, an open source tool for evaluating Terraform infrastructure as code for potential security misconfigurations and compliance violations. Regula uses the open source Open Policy Agent(OPA) policy framework and Rego query language, which have gained significant traction in the Kubernetes community and scale to cloud infrastructure policy assessments as well (Fugue’s SaaS product performs more than 100 million policy evaluations using OPA every day).

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    CCPA is Ambiguous About Cloud. Your Response Shouldn’t Be.

    Drew Wright

    On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California’s answer to GDPR, goes into effect. Like GDPR, the CCPA is delivering anxiety and dread to executives, marketers, compliance officers, and engineers everywhere. As we learned from numerous conversations at the AWS re:Invent 2019 conference last week, engineers responsible for building and managing cloud-based systems and data are focused on CCPA and what it means.

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    Interactively Debugging the Rego Policy Language with Fregot

    Becki Lee

    Note: This blog post was updated on December 10, 2021, to reflect fregot v0.13.4. Fugue performs more than 100 million policy validations a day in order to identify compliance violations for cloud infrastructure environments at scale. These policy-as-code validations are written in Rego, the policy language for the Open Policy Agent (OPA) engine. To enhance the process of writing and debugging Rego policies, we recently open-sourced fregot, the Fugue Rego Toolkit. You can think of fregot as an alternative to OPA's built-in interpreter -- the REPL allows you interactively debug Rego code with easy-to-understand error messages, and you can evaluate expressions and test policies. Read more about it in our blog post here.

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    Announcing Fregot: An Open Source Toolkit for Working with Rego and OPA

    Drew Wright

    Adopting the Rego policy language and the Open Policy Agent (OPA) engine for Fugue’s cloud security SaaS product has paid real dividends for us and our customers. It enables Fugue users to easily create custom policies for their cloud infrastructure environments using open source tools, and it’s helped us implement out-of-the-box policy as code support for complex compliance standards, including CIS Foundations Benchmarks, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, PCI, and SOC 2 (and our own Fugue Best Practices to identify advanced cloud misconfiguration risks).

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